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Hey ClearConverse!

We just switched to your phone service, and we have some questions….

Some frequentlty asked questions.

We want our callers to hear a message when they call. Something like "hey, thanks for calling, please hold and someone will be right with you.
Sure! We can help you with the script and get that recorded with some nice background music for you. All our greetings are available in multiple languages and are done by professional voice actors. No AI here.
We also want our callers to have options. Press 1 for sales, 2 for billing, 3 for support, and a few others. Does that cost extra?

You want an Auto Attendant! We can definitely do that for no extra cost. Most of our features are included for $29.99 with no surprise billing. Just tell us what options you want and where you want them to go, and we’ll handle the rest!

When someone calls, we want it to ring a few phones at once. How can we do that?
A Ring Group is what you’re looking for. Just give us the list of extensions and we’ll set it up for you.
When the phone rings how can we tell if its someone calling in, or one of us calling each other?
Distinctive Ring will take care of that. One ringtone for someone calling in, another ringtone for one extension calling another, and one more for when you transfer a call.
How do we put someone on hold where everyone can have access to answer the call.
Let’s set up Call Park. With the press of a button anyone in your organization can answer the call. Also, the caller doesn’t take up a line, and your phone is freed up for other calls.
If a call comes in but my phone isn’t set to ring, can I still answer?

You want to Intercept the call. When you hear a phone ringing, all you do is press the just press the intercept button or the key combination then the call is yours.

We're starting to do more quality control and want to record calls. Is this an added cost?
We can enable Call Recording for no extra charge. Like most of our features, recording calls is included for $29.99 a month. Just log into the web portal within 6 months and play or download the call.
If someone is in a back office and I’m up front, can I see if they’re on the phone or not?
You want to see Presence. We can configure your phone to show other extensions with a red light if they’re talking, and a green light if they aren’t.
Our call volume has gone way up, and we're having a hard time keeping up with it. We don’t want to upset our clients, but we can't just hire a new person for the phones!
You need a Call Queue! This way only one call gets passed to you at a time. The caller will hear “Thank you for calling (your company)! please hold and someone will be right with you”. Then they’re put into the queue and listen to hold music until it’s their turn. They can even leave a voicemail for you to call them back.
We need a way to close the office. Sometimes we're doing staff training, sometimes we just need a day without phones to catch up, and of course we're not here 24/7. How can we send the phones directly to voicemail?
We’ll set up Day/Night mode. If the the button is green, calls are flowing in normally. Pushing the button turns it red and sends your callers to your voicemail or answering service.
We open and close at the same time every day. We would rather not push a button every night to send the calls to our answering service. Is there another way?

What you need is our Office Hours feature. Let us know your business hours, and where you want the calls to go, and we’ll make it automatic.

The power to our office is going to be shut off for maintenance for a few hours. How can we keep receiving phone calls?

Let’s get Failover configured for you. If your internet drops, power goes out, or your phones go down for any reason then calls will automatically be forwarded to anywhere you’d like. It can be another office, a cell phone, or even just a recording.

Can we do custom hold music with messages on it?

Of course! If you’re looking for a different vibe, to advertise your services, let your customers know your new address, or something else? Let us know and we can customize your Hold Music to your specific needs.

So we have a lot of conference calls. But it never fails that someone doesn't answer, someone calls late, someone always has a dog barking or is talking too much. Can we make this easier?

We’ll get you a Conference Center. Everyone can call, put in a code, and join the rest of the group. You can manage it from the web portal so the barking dog can be muted and unruly callers kicked. Only takes a few minutes for us to set you one up.

Can we tie this system into our overhead pager?

Of course. We have several devices that allow you to use your paging system. These products vary in price and complexity, but installation is always free.

Instead of using our overhead system, can I page just one phone?

You want our Intercom feature. We can set this up so you can either intercom with one phone, or page on multiple. A great solution for getting a message to a single department or location.

You keep mentioning a login portal. What's that about?

The Web Portal is where everything comes together. See call logs, listen to recordings, view faxes, block calls, and the list goes on. We cater that experience to you and your employee’s needs. How can we make it fit you?

I'm sure I'll have more questions later, but you guys are amazing!

We’ll be here! Just give us a call at 559-302-9291