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diciembre 29, 2020

Medicare for Home Health Care

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When the Medicare health insurance program was invented, it was designed primarily to benefit senior citizens who would not be able to afford medical care otherwise. Additionally, the infirmities that come with age might also require more health care, including home health services.

While home health care services might seem like a Medicare benefit that will be great for you, particularly if you are older and want to stay in your home. Still, there are qualifications that you have to meet in order to receive these benefits. By working with your doctor and within the Medicare system, you will be able to ensure that you receive the assistance you need at affordable prices.

Understanding Home Health Care

The need for home health scare services will arise when you don’t require hospitalization, but you still need medical assistance to maintain your overall wellness. Home health care offers you the ability to receive this essential care in your home at regular intervals.

In this day & age, when social distancing is the law of the land, home health care services have proven lifesavers for countless at-risk senior citizens. Some of the services that home care providers offer include:

  • Vitals monitoring
  • Physical therapy
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Wound care
  • Help with medications
  • Other services like meal planning, cleaning and hygiene assistance

Medicare’s Home Health Care Benefits

The good news is that Medicare will offer coverage for many of your home health care services. However, there are limits to what your benefits will pay, and you don’t want to worry about facing extra medical care costs that you didn’t expect.

Keep in mind a few tips in mind when examining your Medicare benefits for home health coverage:

  • Not every type of available service will qualify for coverage under Medicare. The program will usually only cover services it deems medically necessary. Your doctor will likely have to order this care, specifically, and submit the appropriate documentation to Medicare.
  • Medicare will likely cover medical services, such as wound care, and the requisite equipment and materials. Additionally, it will likely only cover this care when provided by a licensed medical professional.
  • Simple acts of care, such as help with bathing and dressing, might not have coverage from Medicare. However, if you need these services as part of your covered care, then you will still be able to use Medicare to pay for them.
  • Your care must be provided by a home health service that accepts Medicare and will work with.

Keep in mind, you often must receive care through a service that is Medicare-approved.

Medicare will institute daily and weekly limits on how many hours of covered care you can receive. However, your home health provider will work with your physician and within the confines of the Medicare system to ensure that you receive your care as affordably and easily as possible.

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