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90% Coverage

Platinum Coverage

No deductibles and the lowest prices on services — two great reasons to go Platinum.

The Platinum Plan by Covered California stands out with its exceptional benefits and cost structure. With an annual deductible of $0, members can enjoy immediate access to healthcare services without the burden of meeting a deductible first. The out-of-pocket maximum of $4,500 per year provides financial peace of mind, ensuring that once this limit is reached, the plan covers all eligible medical expenses for the remainder of the year. Affordable primary care visits and mental/behavioral health services, each with a copayment of just $15.00, make preventive and psychological care highly accessible. Additionally, the plan’s coverage of generic prescription drugs at a copayment of $5.00 promotes affordable and essential medication needs. Covered California’s Platinum Plan exemplifies a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to healthcare, prioritizing both quality medical services and reasonable costs for individuals and families.

  • $4,500  Out-of-Pocket Maximum
  • $0  Medical Deductible
  • $0  Pharmacy Deductible

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