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80% Coverage

Gold Coverage

The Gold Plan offered by Covered California presents a favorable financial structure for individuals seeking comprehensive healthcare coverage. With a $0 yearly deductible, individuals can access medical services without the need to meet a deductible threshold first. The plan also features an $8,550 yearly out-of-pocket maximum, ensuring that once this limit is reached, the insured person’s financial responsibility is capped for covered services. Primary care visits are a $35.00 copay, making essential medical care accessible. Moreover, the plan covers generic prescription drugs with a mere $15.00 copay, making necessary medications affordable. This combination of low copays, a competitive out-of-pocket maximum, and a non-existent yearly deductible establishes the Gold Plan as an attractive choice for individuals and families seeking a balance between cost and comprehensive coverage within Covered California

  • $8,550 Out-of-Pocket Maximum
  • $0 Medical Deductible
  • $0 Pharmacy Deductible

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