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May 27, 2021

Can Collision Avoidance Technologies Reduce Trucking Accidents?

Collisions are a leading cause of liability loss for trucking companies. Many factors increase the risks of collisions that can lead to fatalities and significant property loss.  man standing next to semi truck

Why are trucking accidents common? Well, it takes a loaded tractor trailer an extra 20 to 40 percent more space to stop than it does for a passenger vehicle to do so. And, these trucks weigh nearly 20 times more than the average vehicle.  

Trucking insurance claims often revolve around collisions with passenger vehicles or other trucks. They also may involve property damage. Fortunately, some companies are taking steps to curb this trend by utilizing advanced collision avoidance technologies to reduce the risks of collisions. 

Technology Changing Trucking 
Many types of accident-reduction technologies are available to trucking companies. Many businesses see these features as necessary investments, as they can reduce trucking-related losses from accidents. Consider a few key technologies now hitting the market: 

  • Safety technology such as anti-lock braking systems and lane departure warnings are valuable. The use of stability control systems can also help reduce the risk of a collision occurring. 

  • Specific collision avoidance systems alert the driver when a collision is possible. They work by judging the distance between the truck and an object. Some systems brake automatically to avoid the collision. 

  • Rear-view cameras can reduce many claims related to backing up or maneuvering. Blind spot warning systems enhance this as well. 

  • The use of side or exterior cameras can give drivers more information to make better decisions. 

  • Telematics allow for vehicle-to-vehicle communication, which can increase safety significantly. It also gives trucking companies more information about drivers operating their trucks.


Is Investing in Technology Worthwhile? 
Making the decision to invest in technology can be difficult. It can be expensive to outfit numerous vehicles with such devices. However, the investment can pay major dividends by keeping your drivers safe and helping them avoid fatal accidents. While comprehensive trucking insurance can help with the financial fallout from an accident, it’s also beneficial avoid wrecks in the first place. 


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