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April 30, 2021

Is Covered California Free?

If you live in California and are looking for an affordable way to get health insurance, Covered California is a great option. Through the Covered California marketplace, those with limited income can access affordable or even free health insurance. health benefits

The use of Covered California itself is free as long as you qualify. Qualifications are primarily based on your income. If you make above a certain income each year, you may not qualify for use of Covered California. 

Basic qualifications for Covered California is if an individual earns less than $47,520 a year or a family earns less than $97,200 total. 

If you or your family fall beneath these brackets, you may qualify for Covered California. 

What Does Covered California Cover? 
Covered California is not a form of insurance on its own. Instead, it is a marketplace that can connect you with affordable private insurers. This allows you to compare quotes and shop around so that you can find health insurance for the best price for you and your family.  

Some of the benefits you could receive through Covered California include: 

  • Premium assistance 

  • Affordable insurance 

  • Low out of pocket expenses (deductibles)


Covered California allows you to connect with multiple insurers. Even then, ask about discounts and other ways you can save money once you connect with an insurance agent. Insurance agents should be willing to help you save money on your health insurance policy in any way they can. Ask about discounts you may qualify for and about factors influencing your health insurance rates. 

Even through Covered California, your health insurance rates will still be influenced by the normal factors such as your age, family health history, personal health history, smoking habits, weight, gender and more. 

What Happens if My Income Changes? 
Say you have enrolled in Covered California when you qualify, but your income changes to be above the normal qualification limit. While you won’t necessarily be booted off of your health insurance plan, you may no longer qualify to use Covered California if you wish to change plans or find another health insurance provider. 

Ask your insurance agent if there are any changes in your policy or in your income situation. It is important to connect with your insurance agent throughout changes so that you can make sure you and your family will always be covered. Find a reliable and affordable health insurance provider through Covered California today. 

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