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October 16, 2020

How Do You Qualify for Covered California??

Covered California is a free online forum service that allows you to find great health coverage through a marketplace hosting a range of health insurance plans. This allows California citizens to find financial assistance and discounts among brand-name health insurance provides under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  a stack of flyers on a table

Anyone can access Covered California, but there are a few life events that qualify individuals and families for health insurance. Qualifying life events include:  

  • No longer qualifying for a parent’s health insurance plan at age 26  

  • Losing coverage from a previous employer’s health insurance plan or student insurance  

  • Having a baby, adopting a baby or fostering a child  

  • Being released from jail or prison  

  • Moving to California  

  • Losing your child-only plan at 19 years of age  

Your income will not affect your qualification to use Covered California. However, there are certain income qualifications for those who may receive free or reduced cost health care or subsidies. U.S. citizens and those with a green card who are not covered under an employer’s or parent’s plan may use Covered California to find a health insurance plan.  

If you have questions about whether you qualify for Covered California, be sure to ask. https://www.coveredca.com/support/getting-started/

What Does Covered California Cover?  

Covered California is not a health insurance policy itself, but a system where you can find affordable and comprehensive health insurance plans among top insurers. It is important to find a plan that suits your family’s health needs as well as your budget, so compare plans and prices carefully. A typical health insurance plan should come with coverage for emergency medical bills, preventive care, doctor visits and more.  

You can also often find plans to help you with copays, dental and vision care, which is excluded on a lot of basic health insurance policies. Under Covered California, you can find both family and individual health insurance policies depending on your needs.  

Is Health Insurance Required in California?  

Although federal laws continue to change regarding health insurance, the state of California does require all of its citizens to carry some form of health insurance. Those without health insurance may face a tax penalty of $695.  

If you missed the open enrollment period for Covered California, you may only use it if you meet the life event qualifications above. However, if you already enrolled in Covered California, you may use it to find health insurance.  

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